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The Reynolds AR series delivers the standout performance of the ARx series by utilizing the same carbon fiber rims, but in a more competitively priced wheel offering. Whether you're looking to lighten the load in search of your next KOM, seeking speed through aerodynamic advantage, or wanting a wheel that can confidently carry you anywhere in search of adventure, the AR collection offers you the widest assortment of quality carbon wheels at a competitive price to complete your quest for the ultimate ride.

Key Features

  • Wide, tubeless ready rim provides better fit for higher volume tires that increase grip, lower rolling resistance and provide greater comfort
  • Refined, wider rim shapes have been optimized for crosswind stability at a variety of yaw angles
  • Features Sapim Sprint spokes and durable brass nipples
  • Equipped with fast rolling and smooth Reynolds TR3 hubs
  • Disc and rim brake specific models available
  • Ctg2 brake track is 30% more resistant to heat than previous models
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee


    • Inner Rim Width: F:19MM | R:21MM
    • Outer Rim Width: F:28MM | R:30MM
    • Rim Depth: F:58MM | R:62MM
    • Spokes: F24 | R24
    • Spoke Pattern: Front 2x | Rear 2x
    • Weight: 1730g
    • Technology: PR3
    • Hub: Front GW TR3 | Rear GW TR3
    • Spoke Type: Sprint
    • Nipple: External Brass
    • Engagement: 10°
    • Pawl: 3
    • Decal: Black vinyl
    • Rim: Strike Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake 58mm, Strike Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake 62mm